Last updated 20/07/2015
Recommendations for the consideration of fatigue in the design of steel railway bridges, especially with orthotropic decks  
[ Recommendatory ]
3rd edition, November 2011 - Translation
1-2012 ( 1/02/2012)
17 pages

Fatigue-related factors to be considered in the design of steel railway bridges are henceforth addressed in Eurocode 3, Part 2, Chapter 9 (see Bibliography).

UIC Leaflet 778-1 is the result of studies undertaken as part of the ERRI D 191 research programme and the European Union research programme. The leaflet sets out additional information on fatigue assessment of metallic railway bridges with orthotropic decks, particularly relating to the way in which the European standard should be applied to constructions of this type.

The orthotropic deck of a railway bridge serves as a deck plate, distributing load and ballast, supported by main and cross girders and, frequently, stiffened by longitudinal ribs. The ribs pass through the web of the cross girder.
The deck displays different static characteristics in two orthogonal directions.

UIC Leaflet 778-1 classifies the details of the deck into several weld categories. It gives instructions for designing the deck so as to avoid fatigue failure.