Last updated 20/07/2015
Layout for electronically issued transport documents on secured paper Rail Combined Ticket 2 (RCT2) and Rail Credit Card Sized Ticket (RCCST) 
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7th edition, March 2014 - Original (This leaflet may be viewed in full only by UIC Members)
3-2014 ( 1/08/2014)
209 pages
Summary UIC Leaflet 918-2 describes the RCT2 and RCCST standards applicable for all transport tickets and documents issued electronically on paper. It is part of a set of leaflets comprising: - UIC Leaflet 918-0 containing the general provisions governing electronic seat/berth reservations and electronically issued transport documents; - UIC Leaflet 918-1 on procedures for electronic interchange of reservation messages; - UIC Leaflet 918-3 on print at home tickets; - UIC Leaflet 918-4 data exchange for ticket check and after sales operations; - UIC Leaflet 918-5 on ticket with security in system. The provisions contained in these leaflets enable a railway undertaking (RU) to reserve seats/berths for which the inventory is managed by another RU and to issue all transport tickets and documents issued electronically on the basis of data transmitted from the electronic system of another RU.