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Conditions with which wagons must comply in order to be accepted for transit between standard gauge railways and the Spanish and Portuguese broad gauge railways
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4th edition, August 2012 - Translation
Freight wagons Technical conditions for freight wagons capable of running on both standard-gauge and Finnish broad gauge systems
2nd edition of 1.7.95
Wagons. Operation between 1435 mm gauge and 1520 mm gauge networks. Technical provisions and approval conditions
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1st edition, May 2004 - Translation
Regulations for the exchange and use of new generation freight wagons between railways with gauges of 1435 mm and 1520 mm
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1st edition, November 2003 - Translation
Railway transport stock - Rolling stock construction gauge
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10th edition, May 2006 - Translation
Effects of the application of the kinematic gauges defined in the 505 series of leaflets on the positioning of structures in relation to the tracks and of the tracks in relation to each other
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4th edition, November 2007 - Translation
History, justification and commentaries on the elaboration and development of UIC leaflets of the series 505 and 506 on gauges
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3rd edition, October 2010 - Translation
General rules for interoperable rolling stock gauges (without unloading freight or disembarking passengers) in cross-border traffic between UIC and OSJD Rus
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2nd edition, August 2010 - Translation
Rules governing application of the enlarged GA, GB, GB1, GB2, GC and GI3 gauges
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2nd edition, January 2008 - Translation
Passenger coaches - General requirements for running gear with dual gauge wheelsets for railways with 1 435 mm and 1 520 mm gauges
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1st edition, January 2010 - Translation
Wagons - Variable-gauge running gear for 1435 mm/1520 mm and 1668 mm. Recommendations for bilateral agreements
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2nd edition, April 2002 - Translation
Consequences of the application of the kinematic gauge defined by UIC Leaflets in the 505 series on the design of the contact lines
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1st edition of 1.1.1987 and 1 Amendment
Minimum track gauge in curves
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3rd edition, October 2004 - Translation
Technical specification for the supply of non-treated track support (wooden sleepers for standard and broad-gauge track and crossing timbers)
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2nd edition of 1.1.81Leaflet "frozen" in accordance with the Infrastructure Forum's decision. The topic is presently being developed under the EN 13145.
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