Last updated 20/07/2015
DIOMIS.Final report. Work package A5: Improving the use of available train length.
In many cases available train length could be better used. Business experience shows that sub-optimal use of maximum train capacity can be due to technical parameters but also to poor operational capacity management. The objective of this study is to provide examples of methods and good practices which would enable train capacity utilisation to be improved. The study includes the findings from interviews with key intermodal operators on issues such as: - how they manage capacity - the impact on capacity of factors such as of train length, booking procedures, seasonal peaks, contractual relationship, no show of cargo - the impact of technical parameters: maximum train weight, wagon set, availability of rolling stock, mix of load units etc. Each of the measures used by the operators to address the issue on hand are analysed in detail from the point of view of its applicability, transferability and impact on network capacity thus providing good practices for the combined transport business community as a whole
UIC - Freight Department
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