Last updated 20/07/2015
Building a safe interoperable Railway. A methodological guide to integrating human factors
On 2 July 2004 UIC presented the results of a study on a human factors approach for interoperable operations at a seminar attended by 70 representatives of RUs, IMs and national and European bodies. On account of the satisfaction expressed by those present, it was decided that an operational guide would be written for railway undertakings and infrastructure managers. The guide was presented to and approved by DG TREN on 19 November. The guide develops various methods and tools and its main objectives are to: - assist RUs and IMs in organising studies on interoperable operations - anticipate the work of staff and guarantee the safety and reliability of the operations envisaged by using the three tools (analysis of the differences between socio-technical systems, analysis of work in marshalling yards, analysis of work on the line). In August 2006, following the implementation of the guide by some RUs and IMs, the Safety Platform’s Human Factors Working Group updated it to take account of comments made by users and to make the guide more user friendly.
UIC - Safety Platform
Available in French and English only
67 pages,