Last updated 20/07/2015
DIOMIS 2005 / 2015 Report on Intermodal Rolling Stock in Europe
The Agenda 2015 for Combined Transport in Europe, published in January 2008, was the epitome of the analytic work with an eye to the future carried out in the first phase of the UIC DIOMIS project (Developing Infrastructure and Operating Models for Intermodal Shift). Beyond creating a set of tools in the form of the Agenda 2015, our interactions with the Combined Transport (CT) sector while carrying out the work for the various DIOMIS modules led to a growing realisation that the current and future bottlenecks identified by the Capacity Reserve Study for Combined Transport in 2015 and confirmed by DIOMIS did not only concern railway infrastructure or CT terminals. Indeed, the growing threat of a new and sizeable bottleneck was an obvious and increasing source of apprehension among our stakeholders and partners: the future availability of CT wagons sufficient in number and quality had become a cause for concern. We therefore decided to include a module focusing on wagons in the second phase of DIOMIS. We are delighted to present the results and conclusions of this investigation in this Report on Intermodal Rolling Stock in Europe 2005/2015. It shows that substantial efforts will also be needed in this field so that CT may respond to the projected demand.
UIC - Freight Department
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